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The odds that you are a marijuana grower, producer, or vendor reading a blog on a software company’s website are…fairly low. But maybe you’re doing a desperate Google search because you’re fed up with whatever patchwork computer system you’ve jerry-rigged that doesn’t really do what you need it to do, and now you’re here.

(If your current process takes hours of obnoxious copy-and-paste work to move information from one place—like Excel—to another place—like the online form for the many reports you’re legally required to submit, you’re probably not stoked about your current software set-up.)

No matter how you got here, we’re glad you found us, and we do have something that can help. We can show you how Tigunia can evolve your cannabis business, and maybe you’ll want to share this with your friends!

Grow Your Grow

Let’s be real: growing, making products out of, and selling cannabis, especially for smaller operators, is a lot harder than it used to be.

Even though it’s now legal in many states, the path to legalization is complicated and costly, and there are still tons of black-market growers who aren’t shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for permits, lawyers, environmental reviews, insurance, and so on. Combined with the legal operators and all of the big players that are jumping into the game, the market is often flooded, and prices aren’t what they used to be (understatement of the year). It’s not likely that $2,000/lb prices are ever coming back, even for the most desirable, niche, high-quality, lovingly grown strains.


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BUT, the industry is in flux. Not everyone who has jumped in recently will hang around, and not everyone who has been in for a long time will stick with it, either. For those smaller businesses who can find ways to adapt, market effectively, and streamline their operation, there is a future in the marijuana business. Much like craft beers are able to thrive in a market filled with Budweiser and Coors, some smaller cannabis operations can and will find success.

TigHC can’t help you pick the right strain to grow, determine which clones will thrive in your soil, or invent the next big thing in weed (cannabis pedicures, perhaps?), but it CAN make things a lot easier for you on the backend side of things, which frees you up to do everything else that matters (and, probably, things you care more about than data entry and product tracking).

Cost is No Longer an Excuse

You might not think there’s an answer to your data requirements that will actually meet your needs at a price you can afford, but we swear that TigHC is it. It’s not “affordable” in the same way a piece of land in Humboldt is more affordable than, say, Marin. TigHC is truly, genuinely affordable: a $50 monthly subscription per user, plus a $60 monthly Business Central license. You can get started and improve your business for as little as $1500 in the first year.

Ok, so we got money out of the way. You can’t use “I can’t afford it” as an excuse not to level up your business management game with TigHC any longer. Every business that is focused on growth and success knows it needs to spend money on smart ways to solve a bunch of problems at once. Smart ways like well supported, subscription-based software solutions that is built in the Microsoft Cloud.

It’s Time to Invest in Compliance

Another major headache all cannabis businesses endure is staying legally compliant. Every state where weed is legal requires businesses to use seed-to-sale tracking software and report strict figures on their sales, growing process, and inventory levels to stay compliant with local and state regulations. So, the first thing you have to do is trace and track every single thing along the supply chain, and then you have to generate the many, many required reports, in the right formats, on the right schedule, to make sure you don’t run afoul of the law.

This regulatory burden is unique to the cannabis industry, and there is very little on the market that can actually help. That’s the main reason Tigunia came up with TigHC: it was designed specifically to track and aggregate all the required information and export to all the required reports to make sure that at all times clients remain compliant and meet the standards of every governing agency that has its fingers in the cannabis pie.


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If your current system involves manually tracking data (and crossing your fingers that you’re not missing anything), followed by copying and pasting into the various local and state reports required, and then doing a manual review of those reports to make sure you didn’t mess anything up… well, wouldn’t you like to NOT have to do that anymore? Or feel confident that what you’re submitting is accurate and addresses any recent law or ordinance changes? That’s one of many ways TigHC can lighten both your workload and your mental stress.

Empower Your Employees with a Modern, User-Friendly Platform

You might think that with all of these functions, TigHC would be complicated to learn and use. Not so! Although a lot of the software developed for the marijuana industry is more complicated than the average user prefers, and requires technical or development skills, TigHC is not one of them. Simplicity is baked in.

The TigHC model is “keep it as simple as possible” so floor workers can keep moving and people doing administrative work have a simple process for reviewing production, tracking/tracing products, and submitting required reports.


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Ditch the Excel and Take Your Business to the Next Level with Tigunia

This may all sound too good to be true, but we’re offering the chance to see it for yourself. Book a personalized demo of TigHC with one of our friendly and experienced cannabis business advisors, and you’ll get to see all of these features in action.

Book a TigHC Demo

At Tigunia, we focus on providing holistic, end-to-end technology services to emerging cannabis businesses like yours. Yes, we want to provide you with the right ERP software to grow—but we also want to help support all areas of your cannabis operations, from your IT infrastructure down to your reporting.

As a small business focused on helping other small businesses, we understand the need for having one technology partner to rely on. That’s why our cannabis technology services include:

  • Cannabis ERP implementation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Data security
  • Managed hosting
  • Cannabis business advisory

You can and should have the chance to thrive in the marijuana market. It will take some adjustment and ingenuity, and you might have to do some things differently, but there’s opportunity in change. As your one-stop shop for cannabis business growth, we are here to answer any questions you have.

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