Simplify Production Processes in Your Cannabis Operations

In our last post, we wrote about why traditional business applications don’t work for the cannabis industry—most are built for the grocery and restaurant industry, which is really not comparable—and why most of those that are built for the cannabis industry still fall short.

Technical Knowledge Required

One of the most prevalent issues in cannabis technology is that almost all of the applications burden employees with complex processes. When you are focused on growing a quality product, operating a high-volume and variable goods production line, or running a busy retail shop, the last thing you want to worry about is if your employees have the development knowledge or technical experience needed to interact with your various software solutions.

Unfortunately, a lot of the back-office technology developed for the marijuana industry is too complicated for the average user and requires technical or development skills for product change tracking, operational governance, back-office finances, and so on. Even creating something as basic as a standard report in some of these systems requires hours of training.

If you were to invest in extensive ongoing staff training, there would still be complications or confusion because, at the end of the day, the software is not built for the end-user. In addition, this can become a huge issue when you end up tracking or submitting the wrong thing, and sometimes you may have to wait weeks for a custom state-required report or pay additional consulting fees for any minor system changes.

This is the burden of customization: you can have it almost any way you want it, but you’ll have to wait for it, pay for it, pay someone to teach you how to use it, and then remember all the many details about how to use it!

The alternative to this option is much more affordable and intuitive. TigHC is a specialized cannabis ERP software solution that simplifies everything for employees. As the most flexible all-in-one cloud-based cannabis ERP solution on the market today, TigHC offers endless configuration options which are easy and affordable compared to software options that require high levels of costly and complex customization.

How TigHC Modernizes the Production Floor

Floor workers—that is, people running the production line—are typically the bottleneck of any operation. A bottleneck that runs smoothly doesn’t have to be an issue; it makes sense that production will take a while, and, of course, you want your employees to create the highest quality end products possible. The problem comes when the bottleneck gets stopped up entirely due to imperfect production orders that make errors.

Production order systems are built for consistent inputs to create consistent outputs, like a production line that produces bikes. However, for better or worse, organic material is never consistent. It varies from season to season, location to location, plant to plant. Because the whole concept of variable input is confusing to production order software, complex workarounds and special rules have to be created on the system’s back end to compensate for the complications that organic material creates in a production order system.

Other cannabis ERP solutions rely heavily on this type of customization. A customized software solution is difficult to use, time-consuming, and expensive. You can read more about the difference between buying and building cannabis software here.

It can also grind an entire production floor to a halt. A cannabis company’s employees can’t decide inputs and outputs in advance; the plant decides, and the system must adapt to it. Because production orders are so specific and inflexible and organic material is incredibly unspecific and requires a high level of flexibility to arrive at a determined number of outputs, even highly customized production orders can falter. In these customized solutions, system errors are common and shut everything down until they are resolved. This means the floor worker or manager has to work to resolve the error as soon as it appears, and until they do, work cannot continue

TigHC will never, ever provide an error to the end-user. It is based on a system of variable inputs and variable outputs—a system so rare that we had to build an entire software system around it.

For the production side of things, for example, you simply enter the details for:

  • The product you’re working with
  • What you’re starting with (i.e., the input weight)
  • And what the ultimate result is (i.e., the output numbers)

That’s it; just three basic data points keep production humming. No floor slow-downs, no confusion among floor workers, no stopping everything to huddle around a system error and figure out where things went wrong, no pulling supervisors or managers away from their work, no making a phone call (that may or may not get answered) to the company that built the system for you in the first place, just a smooth operation you can rely on.

Another bonus is that nothing is tied into the financials until the very end of the process, so there is less data to gunk up the gears (remember – you’re operating with just three data points), and no requirement on the production side of things to handle financials in any way, shape, or form.

After production has finished for the day or the shift or however you have your system set up, all of the information the floor workers entered is then audited by a supervisor. It’s stored and available in a convenient spot, in easy-to-read formats, and is intuitively designed, so it’s simple and fast to review.

The TigHC model is “keep it as simple as possible” so the floor can keep moving. People doing administrative work in the office no longer have to duplicate data entry and have one straightforward process for reviewing production and tracking/tracing products.

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TigHC is sort of like the unicorn of the cannabis software universe: it’s simple, intuitive, holistic, and affordable, and it saves time and money across all spectrums of a cannabis business. But this unicorn exists, and you don’t have to go on a weird quest through a magical forest to find one. Just give Tigunia a call to get started.

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