August 26, 2020

Learn the Latest Business Technology Trends at the Inaugural Tigunia Virtual Forum

2020 Tigunia Virtual Forum


Although the pandemic has changed the world of tech conferences and trade shows, Tigunia is a 100% remote company and we’ve decided to take full advantage of our skills by hosting our very first Tigunia Virtual Forum from September 21st to 24th. We believe that sharing our knowledge, working collaboratively with other users, and providing learning and shared experience opportunities is the best way to ensure we’re all successful in our pursuit of business efficiency.

What is the Tigunia Virtual Forum?

The Tigunia Virtual Forum focuses on bringing together Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central experts and users to share advice, exchange knowledge, and improve the way we do business as the world continues to change around us.

The inaugural Tigunia Virtual Forum is a free virtual conference, with four days packed full of learning sessions designed to prepare, enrich, and optimize your business systems. As your one-stop-shop for business technology, we are offering 60-minute training sessions catering to business intelligence, manufacturing, finance – and a keynote presentation from Microsoft with the latest Dynamics 365 Business Central enhancements and roadmap!


Why Attend the 2020 Tigunia Virtual Forum?

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and our team decided it was time to give back in the form of hands-on training and user empowerment. The Tigunia Virtual Forum is a free event that was built around the current needs of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central users and businesses. We’ve got business technology experts from Tigunia and some of our industry partners joining forces to bring you four days of beneficial training sessions that are highly relevant in today’s economy.

While you don’t have to be a customer to attend, you do have to have a desire to learn and increase your technical knowledge. Here are some of the reasons why we think you should register today:

  • Free advice, no strings attached (and if you can’t make it for the live sessions, you’ll receive the recordings!)
  • 20 valuable sessions targeting specific Dynamics NAV/Business Central user needs
  • Five ISV sessions focused on eCommerce, credit card processing, supply chain planning, and warehouse management
  • Access to some of the most talented technical IT and ERP consultants in the industry
  • The opportunity to advance your skillset and help your business be more proactive to change

The best part is, you don’t have to commit to the entire conference. When you register, you have the flexibility to attend one session or show up for the entire four days! Either way, you will receive the session recordings following the conference.

Tigunia Virtual Session Overview

Our seasoned team of IT and ERP professionals have a lot of knowledge to share, but we had to narrow it down to 20 sessions. In doing so, we divided those 20 sessions into four separate learning tracks:

  1. General
    If you’re looking for information about the future of Dynamics 365 Business Central and how to improve your existing system, these sessions are for you. There will be presentations on Business Central enhancements, accounting processes, inventory, EDI functionality, and more.
  2. IT/Hosting
    Presented by Tigunia’s IT Director James Nicholas, this track is important in today’s uncertain economy and includes essential infrastructure sessions on data backups, business continuity, Business Central hosting, and general security options.
  3. Business Intelligence/Reporting
    Presented by a variety of talented BI consultants, this track is designed to improve your reporting and analytics processes in Business Central. You will learn about Business Central reporting integrations, remote data analysis and access, and mobile Power BI reporting.
  4. ISV Focus
    We are very excited to have an incredible selection of ISVs joining the Tigunia Virtual Forum! These industry-specific sessions include everything from manufacturing and eCommerce to credit card processing solutions.

There is something for everyone at the 2020 Tigunia Virtual Forum! Below you will find a list of all the sessions included in each track, including the title, short description, and the presenter. This list is fairly solid, but still tentative. You can find the finalized schedule including dates and times can be accessed once you complete your free registration here.

TRACK 1: General

Session Title Session Description
Keynote: Business Central Enhancements and Roadmap
Presented by:
Dave Wiser, Solutions Consultant, Tigunia
Kris Ruyeras, VP of Operations, Tigunia
Ron Summers, President, Tigunia
Microsoft has great plans for, and is making tremendous investments in, Business Central. This session will discuss the plans Microsoft has for Business Central from Tigunia leaders.
Vendor Payment Processing (Check, ACH, Wire and Positive Pay)
Presented by:
Steve Chinsky, Solutions Consultant, Tigunia
What other ways can you pay your vendors besides cutting checks? Come see both an overview of Vendor Payment Processing and a demonstration of each of these features. BUT WAIT! In this session, you will see other functionality available to pay Vendors using an external Payment Processor. This new option can save you time and money within your payment processing area. Join me with your morning coffee and we will have an exciting time discussion Vendor Payment Processing.
Recurring Journal Entries…A Monthly Menace or Merriment?
Presented by:
Lori Knapp, Solutions Consultant, Tigunia
In this session, we will review the steps to record Recurring Journal Entries and show you how to manage those entries you make on a regular basis. We will also explore ways to allocate and distribute amounts across multiple dimensions or other breakouts. Included will also be a small sampling of some tips and tricks. Once you see how Recurring Entries can be used to make your job easier, you will shed the grumpy accountant veneer and become the joyful manager of number crunching!
Process Compliance Through Automation
Presented by:
Justin Verette, VP, App Development, Tigunia
Compliance requirements provide a lot of work for our customers, and that workload is not going to recede any time soon. They also have high expectations placed upon them, by the board, regulators, the CEO, and others who depend on the compliance function to do the job well. Let’s explore one approach to technology that addresses both of those unpleasant facts of life: compliance process automation. Join us as we explore common scenarios and the technology applications that can be used to address this commonly increasing pain point.
Workflows and Document Approval Processing
Presented by:
Dave Wiser, Solutions Consultant, Tigunia
Whether working in the office or remotely, it is crucial to keep transactions and documents flowing. But we also want to make sure that these transactions and documents are reviewed and approved as required for your organization. This session will review how to set up workflows within Business Central to approve various documents, transactions, and master record changes.
Going Live on Business Central During the Pandemic
Presented by:
Kris Ruyeras, VP, Operations, Tigunia
We are interviewing Sabrina Muela from Straus Family Creamery on how their manufacturing company prepared and planned a social distancing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Go Live during the pandemic.
EDI Basics
Presented by:
Francois Lemay, Solutions Developer, Tigunia
What is EDI and what are the benefits of using it? We are going to walk you through EDI transaction flows, common documents, and some of the basics before demonstrating how it all works within Business Central. In this session, there will be live demo of Lanham EDI to show you how sales orders are received and processed, how sales shipment notices and sales invoices are sent from Business Central.


TRACK 2: IT/Hosting

Session Title Session Description
Business Central Hosting Options
Presented by:
James Nicholas, VP, Information Technology, Tigunia
With a variety of licensing options and a plethora of infrastructure and operational decision points, your Business Central solution can become complex. The when/where/how to host it can be difficult. We will explore the licensing paradigm facing Business Central and walk through common reasons for choosing specific approaches to hosting your D365 operations.
Beyond Backup – Protecting Your Business is More Than Just Technology and Data
Presented by:
James Nicholas, VP, Information Technology, Tigunia
In this session, we will explore the basic concepts around backup and disaster recovery and explore what it means to provide true business continuity. There are MANY vendors that promise business continuity, but can you really achieve this without any discussions around your organization’s process? Protecting your organization is more than just worrying about your data.

Let’s unpack disaster planning together, to understand the plan and approach, beyond just objectives and metrics software marketing piece.

IT Security: How to Protect Your Organization from Threats and Vulnerabilities
Presented by:
James Nicholas, VP, Information Technology, Tigunia
In this session, we will discuss the broad topics around security and threat vectors that your organization is exposed to. We will cover broad topics and areas of consideration you might not have considered and open up the time for interactive discussion or Q&A, so bring your questions!
Data Protection Solution Review: How to Defend Your Organization’s Data and Operations
Presented by:
Representatives from Microsoft, Veeam, and Datto
James Nicholas, VP, Information Technology, Tigunia
Explore industry-leading vendor approaches to data protection with a panel of experts from Microsoft, Veeam, and Datto. After discussing backup concepts and related planning earlier in the week, we will dig into solutions from multiple vendors to show their approaches to protecting your data. Regardless of the solution, your disaster recovery plan requires more than just software.


TRACK 3: Business Intelligence/Reporting

Session Title Session Description
Great Business Central Integrations with Office 365 and Power Platform
Presented by:
Ron Summers, President, Tigunia
In this session, we will take a look at how to use Office applications like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to connect with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for real-time data analysis. Then we will see how Microsoft Power Apps will allow you to quickly build and create a custom interface into your ERP data.
Enabling Remote Data Analysis with the Power BI Data Gateway
Presented by:
Kenya Williams, Business Analyst, Tigunia
Give your Power BI users the ability to create and consume reports online while your data lives securely on-premises. In this session, we will discuss the case for remote analysis, the different types of on-premises data gateways and when you might need them, and give some practical examples of using an on-premises data gateway for your remote analysis needs.
I’m Off-Site: How Can I Run Reports?
Presented by:
Ryan Paterson, Director of Business Intelligence, Tigunia
Many people have recently had to shift from working at the office to working entirely off-site. Whether your reports are in Power BI, Jet Reports, or Reporting Services (SSRS), there are integrated, secure solutions that can help you and your users run reports remotely. In this session, we’ll take a look at the many remote options available to you, no matter what type of reports you’re used to.
Jet Analytics Powered by TimeXtender – Accessing Your Business Central Data
Presented by:
Ryan Paterson, Director of Business Intelligence, Tigunia
Too many companies suffer from having their data in disparate databases, unable to compare or append the datasets to one another. In this session, we’ll cover how you can use TimeXtender, a data management platform that helps prepare and manage data, to automate your data migration processes into a single platform, allowing you to get the right data prepared in the correct form and ready for analysis.
Making Your Power BI Reports ‘Mobile-Ready’
Presented by:
Kenya Williams, Business Analyst, Tigunia
The Power BI mobile apps deliver live, touch-enabled mobile access to your on-premises business information in Power BI Report Server and SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services (SSRS). You can give your executive team a mobile-friendly look at the Daily Sales Report so they can begin to formulate a game plan for continuing yesterday’s success or overcoming yesterday’s obstacles before switching to Clash of Clans or Pokémon GO! In this session, we’ll discuss Power BI mobile views, key factors to consider when getting “mobile-ready”, and how to build and share your mobile reports.


TRACK 4: ISV Focus

Session Title Session Description
Low Lifetime Cost, Fast ROI, B2B E-Commerce Implemented in 2-4 Weeks
Presented by:
Mike Brenneman, Channel Sales Manager, Sana Commerce
Across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a worldwide shift toward digital channels, making e-commerce more critical than ever. If you are among the B2B organizations scrambling to move more consumers online, you know that —when it comes to implementing an online revenue channel— two key questions arise:

How can I launch an e-commerce strategy on budget and on time, and how can I minimize the time it takes to see a return on (and profit from) my investment? Join our session to learn how:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing the worldwide urgency around online sales
  • To minimize the total lifetime cost of your e-commerce investment
  • To implement e-commerce quickly (as fast as 2-4 weeks with Sana Commerce, minimum viable product)
Diversify Your Online Revenue Streams with an Online Sales Channel
Presented by:
Mike Brenneman, Channel Sales Manager, Sana Commerce
More consumers and businesses than ever are going digital, and the opportunity to capture new revenue online is ripe for the taking — especially for organizations currently operating only offline.

But with nearly every business keeping a watchful eye on the e-commerce landscape, it’s clear that competition will only continue to tighten, and that not all e-commerce initiatives will prove successful. Our recent research shows that 65% of businesses who implement e-commerce see a return on their investment within a year. Join our session to learn how to be among those e-commerce winners, including:

  • Understanding the urgency around B2B e-commerce, and when to act on it
  • Discovering the short- and long-term benefits of implementing an online revenue stream
  • Learning how to build the right strategy and how to choose the right technology
  • Getting insight on how to get your online sales channel live quickly and easily
Dashboards Drive Action – Alert-Based Supply Chain Planning
Presented by:
Jeffrey Porter, Chief Marketing Offer, StockIQ Technologies
In this session, you will learn how Dashboards in StockIQ’s Supply Chain Planning software are used for quickly identifying issues in a supply chain. You will also learn how IQ’s data analytics can be leveraged to find solutions to these issues identified in the dashboards.

  • See your business at a glance through the lens of Dashboards
  • Use Data Analytics for solving supply chain issues
Extend Business Central Functionality with Free Apps from Insight Works
Presented by:
Mark Hamblin, President, Insight Works
Did you know that Insight Works has a suite of free apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central? Designed to help users extend the value they get from Business Central, Insight Works’ apps add functionality for those in manufacturing and distribution.

For over 10 years, Insight Works has developed manufacturing and distribution apps to help companies get more out of Business Central. Insight Works’ apps include warehouse management solutions, graphical scheduling, document drag and drop, cloud printing, barcode generation, shipping, inventory management, shop floor data collection, configurators, and more. This presentation will focus on how users can do more using free apps from Insight Works.

Join this session and let us introduce you to Insight Works’ suite of free apps and how they can be leveraged to help you streamline your processes.

Shopify Integration
Presented by:
Brad Pendergast, Solutions Developer, Tigunia
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear about a current Tigunia client experience with integrating their systems into Shopify. And there will be time for Q&A, so bring those burning questions!

To learn more about the forum and scheduled sessions, please contact us here.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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