How Small Cannabis Businesses Can Leverage Tech to Compete with Big Business

There’s a wonderful atmosphere among long-time cannabis farmers, their cohort, and their customers. Many people got into the marijuana industry decades ago as an alternative way to have a good life outside the mainstream grind. Some folks choose this industry because it allows them to live off the grid and off the radar. Some like the feeling of dirt under their fingernails, the dank smell of the drying barn, or the satisfaction of clipping fat buds the length of their forearm off a stem. In short, there’s a lot to like about this growing industry.

So many legacy cannabis farmers got into the business long before widespread legalization, before fully robotic greenhouses hit the scene, before Wall Street and Big Tobacco started investing and buying up huge swaths of land. While the same motivations still exist for the “back to the land” growers, as well as others who simply like working in an industry they appreciate, the challenge now is competing in a saturated marketplace with enormous business interests staking claims on all sides.

The most obvious downside is that the barriers to success for small cannabis businesses are greater than ever, from growing operations to production to sales. But there is a bright side: with legalization has come legitimacy, and that has opened doors to other businesses to be able to service the cannabis industry. More and more smaller operations can now:

  • Qualify for loans, including some specifically designed for the industry
  • Buy land and invest in infrastructure
  • Pay taxes without jumping through gray-area hoops or laundering money
  • Operate their businesses without fear of confiscation or incarceration
  • Access services like specialized software built exclusively for their needs

There are a lot of opportunities out there, but many legacy cannabis operators aren’t seizing it. We’re going to show you how the right technology can help you get started.

Fight Fire with Fire

Traditionally, and not without good reason, those in the marijuana industry are wary of both “Big Business” and the government. This is especially true for those who were operating before legalization and are continuing after—at least at the state level (federal legalization can’t be far behind). These are everyday people who are most likely still using Excel sheets to manage their businesses, skeptical of specialized software, and generally resistant to change.

Many are using systems that don’t really work for them and require a lot of duplicated effort and late nights reconciling spreadsheets with production data or sales numbers or legally mandated reports. If you’re in the industry, this might be you or someone you know.

For small to mid-sized operations that are worried about how they might compete in a growing market, it’s time to embrace some of the tools that Fortune 500 companies are already using. You can’t expect to compete against them head-to-head. Their product will always be cheaper (though likely inferior), but you can use every available tool to make your business more streamlined and efficient, ensure constant compliance, and remove those late nights hunched over a computer doing a part of the job that no one likes and that isn’t really working for you anyway. From there, you can focus on keeping and growing your existing market.

Position Your Cannabis Business for Growth with TigHC

What sets smaller cannabis businesses apart from the big guys is their ability to market themselves as niche, boutique, craft, or whatever interesting concept you choose. There is absolutely a market for marijuana-consuming connoisseurs who want only the best. There is also a market to serve those specialty businesses, which is a slow but steadily growing arena. That means you can use some of the strategies that bigger businesses use, but at a level that is tailored to your needs.

At Tigunia, we focus on providing software and IT solutions for small businesses like these. As a growing SMB ourselves, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in the same boat—many of whom came to us in a crisis because their software wasn’t serving them, and their business was struggling as a result. Our mission as a company is to provide software solutions that are faster, better, and less expensive than anything else on the market.

When we realized there was a gaping hole in the marijuana industry—not one single holistic software option existed for the small cannabis business—we knew we had to find a solution.


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That solution was TigHC, our cloud-based cannabis ERP software built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. TigHC is a single, highly configurable, and easy-to-use platform that provides product tracking, processing, and financial management for cannabis growers and processors. It takes everything you’re currently using—Excel, QuickBooks, etc.— and combines it into one system, where all your data points talk to each other and seamlessly transfer from one area to another.

TigHC tracks your product through each step shown below, combining data from all moments in a cannabis product’s life, from seed to leaf to product and from grow location to sale location to sale date and time. This process simplifies inventory management without the rigid parameters set by normal product line software making it flexible and unlike any other solution on the market. Having all your information in one place also makes reporting a breeze.

What’s more, TigHC is constantly updated with new regulations, and alerts clients to changes while also integrating those changes into the software. These updates don’t require a higher-level subscription: TigHC is $50 per user, per month, end of story. When combined with the Business Central Essentials license, it’s just $110 a month.

Watch TigHC Overview Here

Holistic Cannabis Technology That Supports Your Growing Operations

Tigunia understands that, especially in smaller businesses where a few employees wear all the hats, you don’t have a lot of time or money to switch to a new system. To help alleviate the pressure of installing and adopting new business management software, our implementation process is as straightforward and affordable as possible.

Depending on the complexity of your needs, we can help you have TigHC up and running in a few weeks, with all your existing data and systems imported and interacting in the new system. The end result is a perfectly fine-tuned system that meets all of your financial needs, tracks your product, keeps you in compliance, and makes it easy to be aware of ever-changing regulations.

We also offer end-to-end cannabis technology services to complement any ERP software implementation. Tigunia has a small but mighty force of 30 highly trained and experienced software developers, engineers, and IT experts ready to help assist your people and your cannabis business in any way. Whether you need help connecting all areas of your business or you’re looking for advice on hosting or security—we’re here to help you find the right-fitting technology and services for your unique seed-to-sale operation.

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